2020-21 Study Away Courses

Faculty Study Away Course Spotlights

The Study Away Program director, Mandy Reinig, is conducting a series of interviews with VWU faculty who lead study away courses.

Dr. Terry Lindvall discusses his course in Oxford, England.

Dr. Doug Kennedy discusses his course in Maui, Hawaii.

Dr. Craig Wansink discusses his course in Israel and Palestine.

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Virginia Wesleyan University offers study away courses taught by our own faculty. The 2020-21 courses are listed below. For more information about individual courses, contact the faculty instructor directly.

Students enrolled in VWU’s study away courses may apply for The Lighthouse’s Study Away Course Grants. Please contact the Study Away Program director, Mandy Reinig, for more information.

Spring 2021

Virginia Wesleyan student, Dayna Cook, snorkeling in Belize, January 2009. Photograph by Prof. Maynard Schaus.

BIO/EES 375: Tropical Ecology: Belize and Guatemala


An intensive field experience in neotropical ecosystems (coral reefs, rainforests, caves, mangrove swamps, etc.), that links ecological phenomena with social and historical factors to examine the conservation of biodiversity. Field activities require moderately strenuous exercise and considerable hiking.
Destination: Belize and Guatemala
Tentative Travel Dates: May 2021
Estimated Course Travel Fee: $3,350

For more information, please contact Prof. Deirdre Gonsalves-Jackson (dgonsalvesjackson@vwu.edu).

VWU students participating in the Model UN, New York City, April  2019. Photograph by Prof. Antje Schwennicke.

POLS 346/347: Model United Nations

Description: These two courses provide understanding of the operations of the United Nations, including the UN’s bureaucratic structure, resolution writing, multilateral diplomacy, and specific issues in contemporary international politics. POLS 347 involves participation in the National Model UN Conference in New York City (NMUN). NMUN conferences replicate the rigorous process international learners must go through to find agreeable solutions to major problems in the world today.
Destination: New York City 
Course Dates: Spring Semester 2021
Tentative Travel Dates: April 2021
Estimated Course Travel Fee: $400

For more information, please contact Prof. Antje Schwennicke (aschwennicke@vwu.edu).


Virginia Wesleyan students and Prof. Terry Lindvall in the UK, Spring 2019. Anonymous photographer.

RELST 361/461: Topics in Religion: Oxford Faith and Literature (4 credits)
HUM 201: Travel in the Humanities: Oxford (2 credits)

Description: This seminar aims at establishing conversations with the writings of key Christian authors who studied and taught at Oxford University. Writers such as Dorothy Sayers, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Charles Williams contributed a diverse catalogue of literature, ranging from detective fiction, plays, fantasy literature, children’s literature, apologetics, science-fiction, and supernatural thrillers. The course will be enhanced by the study away portion in which students will reside in Oxford for six days. 
Destination: Oxford, United Kingdom
Course Dates: Spring Semester 2021
Tentative Travel Dates: March 14-20, 2021
Estimated Course Travel Fee: $3,300

For more information, please contact Prof. Terry Lindvall (tlindvall@vwu.edu).


Virginia Wesleyan students participating in Goat Yoga in Maui, Hawaii, January 2020. Anonymous photographer.

SRM 348: Maui Sea to Sky: Adventure Travel's Impact on Culture and The Environment

Description:This course examines the impact that adventure travel has on culture and the environment. To study the impact, students travel to Maui and local Hampton Roads destinations. These trips, and working with local partners in Hawaii, help students understand how the activities they'll participate in (such as snorkeling, hiking, surfing, luau, and agri-tourism) have an effect on culture, the economy, and preservation of the environment. This is an active adventure-filled course.
Destination: Maui, Hawaii
Tentative Travel Dates: May 2021
Estimated Course Travel Fee: $2,200

For more information, please contact Prof. Doug Kennedy (dkennedy@vwu.edu).