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This service is provided by Virginia Wesleyan University Information Technology Services Department as a no cost service. The computer owner is responsible for providing the necessary original licenses and software media needed to restore any or all applications. Members of the Virginia Wesleyan Computer Services Department will take every reasonable precaution in assisting you in resolving technical issues so that your existing software applications, and data are not destroyed or damaged in the diagnostic/repair process. We will also take every precaution to prevent any damage to hardware. It is however, impossible to guarantee that damage will not occur.

NOTE: As the owner of the computer it is your responsibility to backup your software, operating system and data BEFORE requesting service for your computer. If you need assistance with this prior to any work being done on your computer we can help.

I agree that Virginia Wesleyan University or any member of the Virginia Wesleyan University Information Technology Services Department will not be held liable for any damage to software or hardware or data loss which may occur as a result of servicing.