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Welcome Future Marlins!

We are so excited that you have decided to become a VWU Marlin!

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Welcome Future Marlins

On behalf of the entire University community, welcome to Virginia Wesleyan! You're now officially part of the #HottestCollegeinCoastalVA.

As you prepare to begin college, we'll be here to address your individual needs, connect you to valuable resources and opportunities, and help you to cultivate an understanding of VWU's history and traditions. 

The information below is provided to assist you in navigating a smooth transition to life as a Marlin. Please feel free to contact me anytime at 757.455.2124 or jseward@vwu.edu.

Good luck and GO MARLINS!

Jason Seward, M.Ed. ’05
Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Operational Management

Marlin Nation Orientation - August 2019

The information below is presented to help you successfully navigate the start of the school year.

As a student at Virginia Wesleyan you will often be required to use a username and password. When you were accepted at VWU you were assigned a student ID number. Your student ID number is your username. (If you've misplaced your student ID number, please contact the Office of Enrollment at 757.455.3208.) You will need to create a personal password. To do so, you'll first create a temporary, single use password and then use it to create your personal password. When you are ready to create your personal VWU password, please click here

Being able to use the Beacon will be key to your success at Virginia Wesleyan.  The Beacon is your home for accessing your Self-Service Financial Aid portal, being able to pay your bill, accessing your VWU email, accessing your Blackboard, and accessing WebAdvisor.  You can get to My Beacon by visiting our website: www.vwu.edu and clicking “My Beacon” in the upper right hand corner.

You can access your Financial Aid Self Service Portal by going into My Beacon and clicking on the Financial Aid Self Service icon.  It is important that you log into your portal to review and accept your financial aid. Do so using your username (student ID number) and personal password. (See above for instructions about your personal password.) If you have any issues accessing your portal please contact your enrollment counselor in the Center for Enrollment Services (757.455.3208).

WebAdvisor is where you can register your car, update your emergency contacts, view your housing and roommate information, search for courses, and many other things.  First year students are allowed to have cars on campus!  The cost for a parking decal is $100 a year.  To access your WebAdvisor your username is the part of your email before the @ sign.  Example: btmarlin@vwu.edu username is: btmarlin.  Should you have questions about your password, see above "Navigate Creating Your VWU Password."


Marlin Nation Orientation (MNO) is made up of two parts; MNO-101 (June) and MNO-102 (August).  Students are expected to participate in both sessions.  Due to Covid-19, this year's MNO-101 will be done virtually through your Orientation Portal. It is important that you access your Orientation Portal to complete tasks that will set you up for a successful transition into VWU.  Items include "Building Your Schedule Survey" to assist your academic advisor in preparing your class schedule for fall; uploading a picture for your student ID; downloading a health immunization form to be completed and returned; introducing yourself to the resources offered on campus via videos; and more. To access your Orientation Portal, click here. It will ask you to login via Google.  Your username will be your full VWU email address, btmarlin@vwu.edu. Should you have questions about your password, see above "Navigate Creating Your VWU Password."

It is important that you check your VWU email regularly leading up to your arrival on campus so you receive all important information and updates.

Once your course schedule has been completed, it will be important for you to know what textbooks and supplies you will need for each course.  You can visit the Scribner University Store page on our website to see what textbooks are needed for each course. 

MNO-102, scheduled for August 22nd and 23rd, begins with move-in for resident students on Thursday and Friday, August 20th and 21st.  Details regarding move-in will be forthcoming from Residence Life. General check-in for all freshmen will be scheduled for Friday, August 21st. During this three-day session, it is the University's goal to help you establish connections; understand the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of membership in a community; expose you to diverse ideas, experiences, and people; and provide you with services and support to be academically and socially successful. By the time you begin classes on Monday, August 24th, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful Marlin. 

MNO-102 may be modified due to COVID-19. Please continue to check your VWU email.


During the summer, you will receive an email (to your VWU email account) with information on how to access StarRez. StarRez is our online portal for the housing selection process.  If you already know who you would like your roommate to be, you will need to list their name on your housing application.  If you don't, that is okay!  You will answer questions through the housing application that will help us match you with potential roommates.  You and other students will be able to communicate through StarRez to decide if you are a match or not. You will be notified of your placement via your email and will be able to see room assignment and roommate information in the StarRez portal where you submitted your application.


For those students not participating in fall sports, move in day is scheduled for August 20th and 21st.  Details regarding move-in will be forthcoming from Residence Life.  If you are participating in a fall sport, please speak with your Coach about move in specifics. Don't know what to bring and what not to bring?  See our recommended list.  You will receive a detailed schedule for MNO-102 later this summer.  

MNO-102 may be modified due to COVID-19.  Please continue to check your VWU email. 

For those students who are not living on campus you will need to check-in on August 21st, for MNO-102. Additionally, you should plan on participating in orientation events all day August 22nd and 23rd. You will receive a detailed schedule later in the summer. Meals will be provided during orientation. As a commuter you will have access to our commuter lounge and kitchen located in the Jane. P. Batten Student Center during the academic year.

MNO-102 may be modified due to COVID-19.  Please continue to check your VWU email.

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