Mission & Goals

Institutional Research provides timely, accurate and reliable information, analyses, implications, and recommendations to the decision-makers of Virginia Wesleyan University, its constituents, and the external community. It directly supports the mission of VWU by efforts to clarify and periodically re-evaluate the University's goals and its effectiveness in meeting them.

The specific, prioritized goals include the following:

  1. Assist in planning appropriate assessment and evaluation as required in the guidelines for program review. The Institutional Effectiveness Committee, a committee of faculty and staff charged with promoting and evaluating institutional improvement, will work closely with Institutional Research to assess how well program review is working.

  2. Provide timely assistance to the University's long-range and strategic planning processes and outcomes assessment.

  3. Assist in providing timely information regarding enrollment and retention, financial aid, student development, academic success, deserved recognition for the University, curriculum development and general education assessment, and others.

  4. Track and serve as the University clearinghouse for responses to external agencies' surveys or other requests for data and information, to provide accuracy and consistency. Such requests come from SCHEV, NCAA, IPEDS, CICV, Barron's, Peterson's, U.S. News and World Report, AAUP, and others. Coordinate these activities with Marketing and Communications.

  5. Assist in appropriate preparations and responses to SACS related to the reaffirmation of accreditation.

  6. Coordinate data collection at VWU, including development of appropriate software and computer applications for a systematic approach.

  7. In addition to requests related to the above items, assist University committees and commissions to fulfill their charges. Provide assistance to individual faculty, staff, and students on their requests as able.

  8. Participate in the institutional and higher education research community, and engage in appropriate professional development activities, to insure sound practice and perspective in conducting the business of the OIR.

  9. Participate in the appropriate evaluation and improvement of Research and Policy Analysis and its functions, including recommendations regarding resources that might be needed.

  10. Fulfill other tasks as assigned by the President or Assistant.

NOTE: The above statement has been reviewed and approved by the President of the University. The statement is subject to occasional exceptions as well as periodic review and revision.