How to File A Formal Complaint

Filing A Formal Complaint

  • Anyone may file a formal complaint with the University’s Title IX Coordinator. Anonymous reports are also permitted.
  • All formal complaints will be investigated by the University.
  • To file a formal complaint, complainants may complete the Sexual Harassment Report Form. (Hyperlink) or provide written or verbal confirmation to the Title IX/Deputy Title IX Coordinators.
  • The University is required to dismiss formal complaints should the allegations not meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • Meet the definition of Sexual Harassment
    • Have occured within the institution’s educational program or activity.
    • Did not occur against a person in the United States.
  • Reports made that do not meet the aforementioned criteria may be adjudicated through the University's student conduct process.
  • The University may dismiss formal complainants should:
    • The complainant formally withdraws the complaint.
    • The respondent is no longer a student.
    • Circumstances prevent the University from gathering sufficient evidence to reach a determination.
  • A written notice of dismissal will be provided to both parties.

How Do I Report Sexual Harassment?

Seeking Immediate Assistance: If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual harassment, please contact Campus Security by calling the DeFord Gatehouse at 757.233.8888. Both Campus Security and the Office of Residence Life will be alerted.

You may also consider contacting the Virginia Beach Police Department, reachable 24 hours a day for emergencies, at 911 or for non-emergencies at 757.385.5000.

Instances of sexual harassment may violate both the University’s sexual harassment policy and the law. As a result, the University encourages victims to pursue their complaints through both the University’s process for sexual harassment and through the criminal justice system.  The criminal investigation is independent from any inquiry undertaken by the Sexual Harassment Committee (SHRC) under this policy.

Regardless of whether a victim decides to pursue a criminal investigation, the SHRC will take immediate steps to investigate the complaint, to protect the victim, and to ensure the safety of the campus community.  If a criminal complaint is filed in addition to the University complaint, the University will continue implementing its own procedures regardless of the timeline of the criminal proceedings or their outcome.

With limited exceptions, if a case involves underage drinking, the University shall not charge the following individuals with a violation of the University’s alcohol policy:  the complainant, the witnesses, and other individuals reporting incidents and/or assisting victims of sexual harassment.

As soon as employees become aware of possible sexual harassment, they must report and students are strongly encouraged to report the incident(s) to the TIX Coordinator or one of the University’s DTIX Coordinators.