Department/Program Chairs and Directors

Department Chairs

Biology Eric Johnson
Business Michelle Vachris
Chemistry/Physical Science Kevin Kittredge
Communication Stu Minnis
Earth & Environmental Sciences Chris Haley
Education William McConnell
English Kellie Holzer
Fine and Performing Arts Sally Shedd (Fall 2021) / Bryson Mortensen (Spring 2022)
Foreign Languages and Classics

Susan Wansink 

History Daniel Margolies
Mathematics Lydia Kennedy
Philosophy Patrick Goold
Political Science Antje Schwennicke
Psychology Craig Jackson
Sport and Recreation Professions Douglas Kennedy
Religious Studies Craig Wansink
Social Work Benjamin Dobrin
Sociology/ Criminal Justice

Scott Liverman

Interdisciplinary Programs

Program Coordinators

American Studies Daniel Margolies
Africana Studies Modupe Oshikoya
Comprehensive Liberal Studies Susan Larkin
Computer Science and Information Systems John Wang
Environmental Studies

Chris Haley

International Studies Antje Schwennicke
Nursing and Allied Health Maury Howard (Program Director)
Social Sciences Divisional Thomas Brown
Sustainability Management Linda Ferguson
Women's & Gender Studies Kathleen Casey

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Education William McConnell
Master of Business Administration Michelle Vachris