VWU Global Campus Commencement Ceremony 2022

Learning Center Fall Workshops

These workshops have useful information to help you get through the semester.

Procrastination: Now Is Not the Time
Do you put things off until the last minute? Do you scramble to get things done? Do you stay up all night trying to finish your work?
In this workshop you’ll learn why you procrastinate and how to change it.
February 17 @ 3pm via Google Meet.

Time Management and Organization
Do you struggle with managing your time and styaying organized?
Attend this workshop to learn more about strategies designed to help you better understand and manage your time and be more organized.
February 25 @ 3pm via Google Meet.

Test Taking Strategies
Test taking can be intimidating and stressful.
It’s not magic, but this workshop can help by giving you strategies and insights that can immediately help you be more successful. We will cover mony of the most common testing formats, such as multiple chioice, fill in the blank, and essay.
March 2 @ 3pm via Google Meet