Foreign Languages & Literatures

Foreign Languages and Literatures In the ever-changing world, where contact with a variety of languages and peoples is both desirable and inevitable, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures strongly believes in the teaching of languages in their contexts as the means to overcome obstacles to intercultural and international contact and communication. Seven-eighths of the world's people do not speak English. Languages provide the keys for access to these other cultures and countries. At the same time, learning a foreign language helps grasp the nature, function, and social importance of one's own native tongue. Language learning, therefore, becomes the bridge between the peoples and cultures of the world.

Through language we penetrate from the mind and heart of one people to another, from one civilization to another, from the wisdom of one literature to that of another. By learning a foreign language, students become familiar with the literature, history, philosophy, art, and the economic and social conditions of the people who speak that language. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures strives, by teaching foreign languages in their cultural contexts, to expose students to ways of thinking, different from their own, and to help them become better prepared to live in today's multi-linguistic, multi-cultural, and transnational world.

Students seeking certification in secondary education must fulfill the requirements for a French, German or Spanish major as well as specific courses required by the Education Department. Those students are strongly encouraged to take the Practicum Teaching Course.

Major(s): French Studies, German Studies, Spanish Studies
Minor(s): French Studies, German Studies, Spanish Studies