Religious Studies

Religious Studies in the curriculum

Without a knowledge of religions, it is difficult to understand daily newspapers, modern history, and many of the behavior patterns in which we ourselves are regularly engaged. Within the University, the Department of Religious Studies represents a point of intersection, where methods and interests of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences converge. The discipline of religious studies examines the role of religion in history, literature, and science; in human experience and diversity; and in culture, politics, and society.

Virginia Wesleyan's requirements for a major in religious studies ensure that students not only acquire a broad base of knowledge, but also develop skills of interpretation and familiarities with methodological approaches that characterize a strong liberal arts education.

Because these courses involve analysis, comparison, and interpretation, because they require sensitivity to the perspectives and practices of others, the study of religion is an important preparation for individuals pursuing careers in education, business, law, politics, diplomacy, counseling, public service, and ministry.

Major(s): Religious Studies
Minor(s): Religious Studies