Social Science

The Social Science (SOSCI) Major enables students to achieve depth as well as breadth through studies across the spectrum of the social sciences. By engaging in interdisciplinary studies of human behavior, social systems, and their interaction, students prepare for successful personal and professional lives.

Depth is provided by a Primary Concentration of courses within the Birdsong School of Social Science or the D. Henry Watts School of Professional Studies.  Students will select a Primary Concentration from fields such as Business, Criminal Justice, Education, History, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation and Leisure Services, Social Welfare, and Sociology. Plans of study for completing the Primary Concentration are given below.

Breadth is achieved by selecting Secondary Concentrations from two other fields. Integration of these two fields with the Primary Concentration is promoted through the completion of an individualized program of study developed in SOSCI 200, a required introductory course which culminates with an approved Declaration of Major. Students should take SOSCI 200 in their first semester in the major, or as soon as possible.

A student wishing to declare the Social Science Major must file a Declaration of Major form with the Registrar’s Office at least three semesters before graduation, summer not counting as a semester. During the final semester of study, a student will typically complete SOSCI 400, a required capstone course which provides a framework for undergraduate research within a seminar that promotes reflection on learning outcomes and on future studies, professional development, and personal goals following graduation.

Chair: Dr. Thomas Brown