Major Requirements

Departmental Policies:

  1. ┬áStudents must apply to the major. Applications are available on the department’s university website. Students may apply to the program as early as spring of their sophomore year.
  2. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA both overall and in the major and must successfully complete all required courses with a C or higher prior to the internship.
  3. Students must report ANY violation of the Virginia Wesleyan Honor Code to full-time Social Work faculty
    immediately. Any Level I honor code violation will necessitate a meeting of the student and full-time Social Work faculty in which remedial action will be developed and planned. Any Level II honor code violation will result in immediate removal from the program.
  4. This list is not exhaustive. More detailed policies are available in the departmental student handbook found online in the university’s departmental website. Specific internship requirements are detailed in the handbook on internships.


Major: Social Work (BSW)

Course Number And Title

Sem. Hrs.

SW 201: Introduction to Social Work 4
SW 251: Diversity & Social Problems in Social Work 4
SW 302: Planning, Administration, & Legislation 4
SW 336: Human Growth & Development: Life Course Approach 4
SW 400: Social Work Methods with Groups & Communities 4
SW 401: Social Work with Individuals & Families 4
SW 450: Research Methods in Social Work 4
SW 472: Social Work Internship 12
SW 475: Social Work Seminar 4
Total 44