Kellen Phillips '18 (Biology) at her internship at the Randwick Equine Centre in Randwick, Australia, June 2017. She is photographed with her favorite patient, a Warmblood colt. Photograph by Megan Bartels.Internships are learning experiences that integrate academic preparation and skills with professional work experience. Students are offered the opportunity to gain career-related work experience and receive mentoring from professionals in the field. Internships help students to increase their marketability to employers upon graduation.

There are many benefits to completing an internship, including

  • Gaining practical experience
  • Testing career interests
  • Developing career-specific skills
  • Enhancing resume with relevant work experience
  • Building a professional network of industry contacts
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence

NATO-ACT Innovation Hub Internship

Virginia Wesleyan University offers an internship program with the NATO-ACT Innovation Hub. Virginia Wesleyan students in all majors have the opportunity to apply for an internship with the NATO-ACT Innovation Hub. For more information, click here.

Where do I begin?

Begin by determining when and where you would like to complete an internship. To help with assessing your interests, values, and skills, use our FOCUS-2 interactive survey.

Develop a resume that highlights your skills and qualifications. Have your resume reviewed by a staff member from the Career Development and Internship Program (CDIP).  

Search and apply for internships through Marlin Careers. You may also schedule an appointment with a CDIP career counselor to discuss strategies for locating internships. Call 757.455.3401 or email

If you want to complete an internship for course credit, discuss the class and requirements with your faculty advisor at least one semester in advance.