PORTfolio 225: Career Study Application

PORTfolio 225: Career Study Description

Provides an in-depth introduction to a career field of choice, an externship experience in that career field, and subsequent reporting and processing. Students spend the first week researching their career choice and the site at which they will extern. In the second week, they carry out the on-site externship. The final week is used to document, process, and present the lessons learned. They include final reflection and summary.  (PORTfolio students will also update their electronic portfolio.)

Course Prerequisites

Course Prerequisites
All students planning to enroll in PORTfolio 225 must complete this application and meet with Ms. Mollie Dunmyer or Mr. Steven Young in the Career Development and Internship Program to discuss externship interests by November 1, 2017. Students may schedule an appointment from the Lighthouse’s website. Students will not be granted approval for participation in the course after that date. (Students do NOT have to be a PORTfolio student to participate.)

Students must also meet the following prerequisites unless otherwise approved by course instructor: 

  1. Course Minimum GPA 2.5
  2. Earned at least 23 Semester Hours (Sophomore or above)
  3. Have met with CDIP Staff to discuss the course and externship options

Application is due: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm.

ALL fields are required

Student Information

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Career Fields of InterestList interest areas in order of preference

Students must provide own transportation to and from externship sites. Are you able to arrange transportation?

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