Support the Center

Why Support the Center?

We appreciate your involvement as we together make a difference in how individuals communicate about, and respect, basic American human rights.

FIRST, please come out to programs.  We are experimenting with different genres and different types of initiatives.  If you have ideas of how we might schedule different kinds of events, in different times and places, or with different themes, individuals, or partners, please send us your thoughts.

SECOND, please share your email and phone number with us so we can contact you, particularly when we schedule spontaneous and timely programs that are not in the newsletter.

THIRD, we encourage you to give to the Center. Financial gifts enable us to help students study abroad. They enable us to bring in quality speakers. They help us create safe spaces for community conversation and dialogue. Every gift helps. Even a $35 gift sponsors student prizes for their engagement in the Center, or a gift of $50 funds one late night program for students, or the purchase of a book for our collection. 
If you would like to make a special gift, please feel free to contact us.  We would be honored to share specific needs we have and specific opportunities for giving.

FOURTH, more than anything else, we appreciate your involvement and engagement with the goals of the center. We really want to inform, transform, and equip individuals to be engaged leaders and citizens. We so desperately need that in our society, and we appreciate your standing with us, and in promoting not just the Center, but the values we hold dear.

With appreciation,
Craig, Kelly, and Eric