Federal Work-Study Program

Students with proven financial need are eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program. The amount of the award depends on when the student applies, financial need and the institution's funding level. Students will be paid the federal minimum wage for the number of hours worked at jobs on campus.

Policies and Procedures

Institutional policies for the Federal Work-Study Program allow eligible work-study students to apply for a position of their choice. Each academic year, ALL eligible workstudy students must apply online for work-study positions by viewing the job openings and completing an online application beginning the first Monday in August. Students may earn up to the amount awarded on the award letter and are paid by check twice a month. The amount of each check will be based on the number of hours the student worked within the pay period.

Eligible Students:

  • Must be awarded Federal Work-Study
  • Must be full-time, degree-seeking, and maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Must complete verification process

TO APPLY: Eligible students should go online to www.vwu.edu and click on the link for "WebAdvisor," then Work-Study application to view available work-study positions. Please note: The number of positions is limited and positions are competitive; therefore, work-study
positions are not guaranteed.

Benefits of the Federal Work-Study Program

  • You will have the opportunity to select from a listing of job openings.
  • You will develop experience outside of the classroom while being paid.
  • Related work experience gained may be listed on your resume.
  • Most students develop professional and personal friendships with their supervisors and co-workers.
  • Supervisors will generally offer a work reference for growth opportunities after graduation.
  • Some Community Services positions offer work experience off-campus (must have transportation, driver's license, and proof of insurance).