WesBridge Program

Virginia Wesleyan University’s WesBridge program will serve as a bridge between high school and the start of your college career. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to jump-start your college education and further develop your academic skills, so that your transition into college is as smooth as possible.  In addition, participation in this program will help you prepare for the non-academic part of college.  We want you to have the support you need to be a successful member of Marlin Nation! 

The program will allow you to take two classes for credit over the summer to ease you into your college education and help you build the skills needed to succeed at VWU. The cost will be covered by your enrollment deposit. Courses will be taught by VWU faculty, who will support you every step of the way. This is an excellent opportunity to get a head start on your first year of college! If you successfully complete this program, you will start the fall with 5 semester credit hours already completed toward your graduation requirements.

Participation in this program is by invitation only. If you think you may be a good fit, or if you have received an invitation and have questions, please contact the Center for Enrollment Services at 757.455.3208.