Approval Policy

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides general direction and guidance for the University's overarching marketing goals, specifically as they relate to establishing a cohesive and unique brand identity. Regardless of format, all messages and visuals must:

  • Be accurate, timely, complete and consistent with one another
  • Be of professional quality with regards to messaging, aesthetics, composition and presentation
  • Align with the Mission and Vision of the institution as well as the goals and priorities outlined in the University's Strategic Plan
  • Adhere to the University's Graphic Standards, Editorial Guidelines and/or Social Media Guidelines & Policy

All marketing projects relating to the University such as brochures, posters, photographs, web content, mass emails, and advertisements intended primarily for an external audience (general public, prospective students, media etc.) must be created through or approved by the Marketing and Communications department before publication or distribution. Design projects or other marketing materials meant for prominent display, frequent usage or distribution within the campus community should also be approved.

All factual information included in promotional materials or communications used to promote the University and its programs in any way should be verified by the Office of Institutional Research before distribution. This information includes but is not limited to student demographics; major and programs, degree requirements; graduation and career statistics; and faculty qualifications and accomplishments. There are also resources available for basic data verification including the University Profile.

The Office of Marketing and Communications partners with campus offices as appropriate on individual marketing projects. These offices provide expertise and guidance in their respective areas. The Office of Admissions, for example, takes the lead on enrollment marketing efforts while the Registrar's Office (Academic Affairs) is responsible for the Academic Catalog.

‚ÄčThe Approval Policy is maintained and reviewed annually by the Office of Marketing and Communications.