Additional Information on the VWU-SCOHS Joint BSN Program


The joint VWU-SCOHS BSN program is a cooperative academic agreement between Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU) and the Sentara College of Health Sciences (SCOHS). In this program, students take a prescribed course of study at VWU during the first year and a half, and are co-enrolled at VWU and SCOHS during the remainder of the degree. While completing BSN prerequisite courses at VWU, students must take the prescribed course of study and must meet with the Director of Allied Health Programs and their academic adviser on a regular basis to ensure that all program prerequisites are met.

Program Admission

Formal admission to the BSN program requires 3.30 GPA overall and in prerequisite courses, with no course grade lower than a C- during the first year of the program. Formal acceptance into the BSN program occurs at the end of the freshman year. Students would need to maintain GPA standards and complete the remaining prerequisite courses during the fall of the sophomore year. Ten (10) admission slots are guaranteed to VWU students who meet all admission standards on a competitive basis.  Additional students who meet all required admission standards (beyond the guaranteed 10) may be accepted by Sentara on a competitive basis through the normal admission process, but they are not automatically guaranteed admission to the joint BSN program.  Formal admission to the nursing program during the sophomore year is a feature typical to most BSN programs.

To be guaranteed formal admission to the nursing program, a VWU student must complete 36 semester hours of credit at VWU at the time of application to SCOHS (June 15th prior to beginning the joint BSN program the following January), including all specified BSN prerequisite courses. The remainder of the prerequisite course requirements (to total 56 semester hours) would be taken during that summer and the following fall semester. Students must earn an overall GPA of 3.30 or higher on a 4.00 scale, with no course grade below a "C-" (1.67) for all prerequisite courses. The top students applying to the program will be identified by VWU, with final program admissions decisions made by SCOHS. Students would take 71 semester hours at SCOHS over the next two and a half years, with one additional WES 300 seminar taken at VWU during a summer session. Upon completion of the program, the graduate is eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

If students do not successfully complete the program prerequisites by the end of the third semester, it is possible to complete the prerequisite courses during semesters four and five, and gain nursing program admission after 2.5 years at VWU. This would cause the student to complete the BSN in five years. It is expected that most students seeking a nursing degree would need to enter VWU knowing that they intend this path and taking the prescribed coursework during their studies.

Approved Joint Curriculum for VWU-SCOHS BSN Students

Table showing the comparison of VWU course and Sentara University of Health Science courses
VWU CourseworkSentara University of Health Sciences Coursework
CourseCredit HoursCourseCredit Hours
CHEM 120  Introductory Chemistry OR
CHEM 1xx  Chemistry for Health Sciences
4NUR 221  Foundations of Nursing AND NUR 222  Application of Found. Skills8
PSY 101  Introductory Psychology 4NUR 214  Health Assessment4
PSY 205  Lifespan Developmental Psych.4NUR 215  Pathophysiology3
BIO 221  Human Anat. & Physiol. I4NUR 351  Nursing Care of Acute Illness Throughout the Lifespan AND
NUR 352  Clinical Management of Acute Illness Throughout the Lifespan
BIO 222  Human Anat. & Physiol. II 4NUR 353  Found. of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing AND
NUR 354  Clinical Mgt. of the Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Patient
BIO 2xx  Introductory Microbiology 4NUR 311  Pharmacology3
BIO 2xx  Human Nutrition 4NUR 361  Nursing Care of Chronic Illness Throughout the Lifespan AND
NUR 362  Clinical Mgt. of Chronic Illness Throughout the Lifespan
PHIL 321  Ethics and Health Care4NUR 355  Professional Nursing3
SOC 351  Medical Sociology4NUR 421  High Acuity Nursing3
Math 210  Introductory Statistics 4NUR 422  Population Health3
ENG 105  The Art of Writing 4NUR 423  Clinical Management of
Specialty Patients
Lower Level Arts Elective4NUR 409  Evidence-Based Nursing Pract.3
WES 100  Wesleyan Seminar I4NUR 415  Nursing Leadership & Mgt.3
WES 200  Wesleyan Seminar II4NUR 431  Issues and Trends in Nursing4
WES 300  Wesleyan Seminar III4NUR 416  Preceptorship5

Nursing Elective3
Total Credit Hours at VWU60Total Credit Hours at SCOHS71

Joint Program Definition

According to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC):
"An agreement by two or more institutions to grant a joint academic award is one whereby students study at two or more institutions and the institutions grant a single academic award bearing the names, seals, and signatures of each of the participating institutions."

For the purposes of this program, VWU and SCOHS agree to pursue the offering of a joint academic award through a course of study at both institutions, granting a single academic degree, the BSN, jointly bestowed by both institutions as one academic award. This diploma will bear the names and seals of both VWU and SCOHS, including appropriate signatures from both institutions.

Schedule of Course Offerings

Beginning in the 2020-2021 Academic Year (1st Year Courses), and in the 2021-2022 Academic Year (2nd Year Courses)

Table depicting the schedule of course offereings for 1st and 2nd year courses
1stCHEM 120 or CHEM 1xx, PSY 101, BIO 221, and WES 100 at VWU Lower Level Arts (VWU) ENG 105, SOC 351, BIO 222, and PHIL 321 at VWUBIO 2xx (Human Nutrition) at VWU
2ndPSY 205, BIO 2xx (Intro. Microbiology), WES 200, Math 210 at VWU
NUR 221, 222, 214, and 215 at SentaraWES 300 at VWU
3rdNUR 311, 351, 352, 353, and 354 at Sentara
NUR 355, 361, 362, and Nursing Elective at SentaraOptional
4thNUR 409, 421, 422, and 423 at Sentara
NUR 415, 416, and 431 at Senatra

Joint VWU-SCOHS BSN Program Steering Committee

VWU Director of Allied Health Programs – Dr. Deirdre Gonsalves Jackson
SCOHS Dean of Academic Affairs – Dr. Cynthia Banks
At least two additional Faculty from VWU 
At least two additional Faculty from SCOHS


Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU) is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award bachelor's and master's degrees. Sentara College of Health Sciences (SCOHS) is not accredited by SACSCOC and the accreditation of VWU does not extend to or include SCOHS or its students. Although VWU agrees to accept certain course work from SCOHS to be applied toward an award from VWU, that course work may not be accepted by other colleges or universities in transfer, even if it appears on a transcript from VWU. The decision to accept course work in transfer from any institution is made by the institution considering the acceptance of credits or course work. SCOHS is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), and is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). The baccalaureate degree in nursing at Sentara College of Health Sciences is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( and is approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

Additional Information

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