Wesleyan Creed

As a liberal arts university, Virginia Wesleyan is committed to values of citizenship and social responsibility fundamental to a community of scholars.  Students who join the Virginia Wesleyan community are expected to follow a code of appropriate behaviors and actions in their daily lives, the Virginia Wesleyan Creed.

  • We accept and support the Virginia Wesleyan Honor Code:a commitment to trustworthiness and a willingness to assume personal responsibility for honorable behavior.
  • We seek experiences that enhance personal academic excellence and an integrated liberal arts perspective: a commitment to sustained achievement in the classroom.
  • We abide by and uphold the Virginia Wesleyan Community Standards: a commitment to good campus citizenship in all undertakings.
  • We value and respect diversity in all facets of our multicultural society:a commitment to recognize and to celebrate the importance of cultural differences within our campus community and to oppose all forms of discrimination.
  • We aspire to be a supportive community that respects the value of faith and religious freedom: a commitment to cultivate spiritual sensitivity and to foster personal commitment that leads to ethical conduct.
  • We respect the personal belongings of others and the property of the University: a commitment to oppose all forms of vandalism or theft of personal and University property.
  • We accept our role in protecting the environment: a commitment to stewardship through sustainable practices.
  • We embrace the importance of personal well-being: a commitment to a healthy lifestyle in all its facets.
  • We engage in the civic life and activities of our community: a commitment to improve the quality of life of others.