Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a roommate?
Incoming students will have the option to request a roommate on their housing preference form. In order to be placed with the requested roommate, that person must have also written your name on his or her housing preference form. The Office of Residence Life will make every attempt to accommodate your request; however, housing availability may affect placement.

May I switch rooms or roommates?
Yes you may; however, the Residence Life staff employs a housing freeze for the first two weeks of the semester. This is so students have time to give their new roommates a chance. After the freeze, students may ask the Residence Life staff to switch rooms; however, the Residence Life staff will first determine if a move is absolutely necessary. If a move must occur, available rooms will be discussed and based on availability, you can choose a new room and roommate.

When will I receive my housing assignment?
Housing assignments for the fall semester are made in July. You will receive your room assignment as well as your roommate's name, address and phone number before school begins.

How will I receive mail?
You will be assigned an on-campus mailbox. Your number and combination may be found through your WebAdvisor account. This box is yours for the duration of your time at Virginia Wesleyan.

What about a room to myself?
Single rooms are in high demand and satisfying the needs of every student is a very difficult task. Single rooms are assigned by seniority, meaning that seniors, juniors, and sophomores will be given first priority for single rooms. However, some first-year students may get assigned singles when and if they are available, specifically in the Bray Village area.