Documenting Your Engagement

Wesleyan Engaged is a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Designee. Students and student organizations can receive federal recognition for their service by logging hours within the system established by Wesleyan Engaged, which can be found in the Wesleyan Engaged Portal area. Only hours documented within the Wesleyan Engaged system will be recognized for reporting hours to the Federal government. Hours for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards are logged from July 1st until June 30th of the following year (on an academic year time frame). Students who receive a Presidential Volunteer Service Award will receive recognition from the Federal Government in June of that academic year recognizing their service. Students who have reached a PVSA designation level one week prior to the VWU Bobbies Award event will receive recognition at the event. All seniors who have been recognized for their service by receiving a PVSA award during their time at VWU will receive a graduation cord at the Honors Convocation in the year that they are graduating. All hours must be entered for the semester that they are completed. Graduating seniors who have not previously received a Presidential Volunteer Service Award must have their hours in the Wesleyan Engaged database prior to April 15th of the year they are graduating in order to be eligible to receive a graduation cord.

To document your engagement, please enter the engagement experience in the VWU Engagement Database.