Voting FAQs

Does voting affect my financial aid (Pell Grants, Loans, FAFSA dependency, etc.)? 
No!  Registering to vote at VWU does not affect your financial aid in any way.  It also does not prevent your parents from claiming you as a dependent on their taxes.

Will where I register to vote affect my dependency on my parent's taxes?
No.  Your dependency status will not be affected if you register on the campus.

Will where I register affect my health insurance? 
No. Where you register to vote will not affect your health insurance.

Can you register to vote online in the Commonwealth of Virginia?
Yes.  To register online, you can visit Virginia Department of Elections and click Register.  

I don't live on-campus.  How can I find out my polling place? 
To determine your polling place, you can visit Virginia Department of Elections and click Register.  

I don't know who is running or where they stand on issues.  How can I find that out? 
To determine the candidates running where you live and where they stand on the issues, you can visit Ballot Ready to see the platforms.

I am doing study-abroad.  How do I vote while studying abroad? 
You will need to request an absentee ballot.  Please note that sometimes it takes a long time to receive mail overseas.  It is highly encouraged that prior to departing for the study abroad experience to request an absentee ballot so that it can be received by the deadline date.

May I register to vote at VWU and later decide to register to vote someplace else? 
Yes!  You may register to vote at VWU and later register to vote elsewhere.  You may only vote in one place though.

What type of ID do I need to vote? 
As of April 13, 2020, Virginia will no longer require voters to show a photo ID prior to casting a ballot.  The Commonwealth requires you to show one acceptable ID to vote.  A list of acceptable IDs is located here.

Are there changes to the election laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia?
Yes!  On April 13th, Governor Northam signed six different election bills into law. 
For more information, please visit, Governor Northam Signs Sweeping New Laws to Expand Access to Voting

What times are polls open until?
Polls in the Commonwealth of Virginia are now open until 8:00 p.m.