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About Wesleyan Engaged


Wesleyan Engaged opened its doors in 1997 as the Office of Community Service.  The funds for the office were provided by the Birdsong Community Service Endowment, established in 1995, under the direction of President William T. Greer, Jr.  In 2017, the Office of Community Service changed its name to Wesleyan Engaged: Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning.  With the name change, the Center was moved to directly report to the Provost of Virginia Wesleyan.  In January of 2018, Wesleyan Engaged became a Presidential Volunteer Service Award Designee for the Marlin community.  In February 2018, Virginia Wesleyan University joined Campus Compact as a full member.

The Center focuses on 10 areas for programs throughout the campus and the community that engage VWU students, faculty, and staff.  The 10 areas are:  Animals, Civic Engagement, Community Development, Environment, Hampton Roads Schools, Health Related, Hunger and Housing, Intergenerational Connections, Women & Gender Interest, and Youth Development.

Program Recognitions

  • Carnegie Classification for Civic Engagement (2020)
  • ALL IN  2020 campus democratic engagement action plan selected as one of the top plans submitted (2020)
  • ALL IN Challenge Silver Seal for voter engagement (2019)
  • Young Invincibles Hampton Roads Democracy Summit grant of $1250 (2019)
  • Council of Independent Colleges and AARP Intergenerational Grant, “Phishing for Dollars: Don’t Get Caught in the Trap,” $13,000 (2018)
  • Virginia Beach City Public Schools Model Partnership Award, Marlins Read at Shelton Park Elementary School (2015); Marlins Read at Bayside Elementary School (2012); Marlins Read at Bayside Tri-Campus (2009); VNG Pipeline to the Community at W.T. Cooke Elementary School (2003)
  • Democracy Cup, Campus Election Engagement Project, $500 Award (2013)
  • Campus Election Engagement Project, $1,000 grant (2012)
  • AmeriCorps Award, North Carolina Campus Compact (2012); Va. Campus Outreach Opportunity League (1997)
  • American Red Cross College and University Blood Challenge Winner (2010)
  • Volunteer Hampton Roads Outstanding Community Service Award (2008)
  • President’s Honor Roll for Service (2006 & 2009)
  • Volunteer Hampton Roads Outstanding Youth Service Award Circle K (2001)
  • Virginia Beach Education Association Whole Village Award, VNG Pipeline to the Community (1999)


Vans are provided for off-campus engagement opportunities or for transportation to the polls on election days.  On-campus offices and departments may reserve either a single van or both vans.  To schedule use of the van, please use the Van Scheduling form that is linked here.  Please note that the cost for using one van is $40 a day, any tolls, and drivers are expected to refill the gas tank.  Any driver (student, faculty, or staff) must complete an online driver safety course and pass a background check prior to being allowed to drive.  To start the process, please reach out to Dr. Brian Kurisky.  Please note that there is a minimum of a two week turnaround for the background check to be completed.