Why Support the Wesleyan Engaged?

We appreciate your involvement.  Wesleyan Engaged recognizes that engagement both on and off-campus can aid all communities in solving the many issues that face them.

Come out to our programs.  We are experimenting with different genres and different types of initiatives.  If you have ideas of how we might schedule different kinds of events, in different times and places, or with different themes, individuals, or partners, please let us know by emailing us at wesleyanengaged@vwu.edu.

Please share your email and phone number with us so we can contact you, particularly when we schedule spontaneous and timely programs.

We encourage you to give to Wesleyan Engaged. Financial gifts enable us to help sponsor educational programming for students and the wider campus community. They enable us to do more programs both on and off-campus. Every gift helps. Even a gift of $50 helps fund an on-campus event for students. 

If you would like to make a special gift, please feel free to contact us at wesleyanengaged@vwu.edu or reach out to the Advancement Office (Lori Harris - lharris@vwu.edu) to arrange for a gift for Wesleyan Engaged.

Lastly, we appreciate your involvement and engagement with the goals of Wesleyan Engaged. We really want to educate and empower our students so that they can see the connections between the work being done in-class and the out-of-class experiences. Through these connections, students can utilize the connections to aid their communities in solving issues that they face. We appreciate you sharing those values, and by supporting Wesleyan Engaged, you are a crucial part of making those goals a reality.