New F-1 transfers to Virginia Wesleyan University

New international students, who are already studying in the U.S. and currently hold an F-1 visa, should request a transfer of your SEVIS record when they are accepted to Virginia Wesleyan University.

Contact Brooke Novkovic (, to begin the process of transferring your SEVIS record.

Students who want to transfer away from VWU

International students who wish to transfer from VWU to another U.S. college or university, or who plan on attending graduate school, should make an appointment with Brooke Novkovic (, Principal Designated School Official, to discuss the transfer of your SEVIS record.

Once you are accepted by another institution, contact their international office and request a Transfer-In Form. This form will facilitate the release of your SEVIS record.

The Transfer-In Form will generate a transfer release date that is usually the day after the last day of the semester you are currently enrolled in at VWU.

Your new institution will issue you an I-20 as appropriate.

You will complete the transfer process by beginning classes at the new institution.