Requirements for Participation in the Pre-Engineering Program

VWU Requirements for Participation in the Pre-Engineering Program

  1. VWU students will contact the Registrar's Office at VWU in order to enroll via the Tidewater Consortium agreement.
  2. Before taking any courses at ODU, the student must have completed at least 32 credit hours in residence at Virginia Wesleyan University and have a GPA of at least 3.0. (Transfer Credits, Dual enrollment and/or Advanced Placement credits will not be counted toward these credit hours).
  3. The applicable engineering department advisor at ODU must be notified by the student regarding participation in the program agreement with VWU. Participating students will work with an undergraduate advisor in the engineering department to resolve prerequisite and co-requisite issues in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar.
  4. The student completes ENG 105 and at least 32 semester hours of courses in specific preparation for the engineering program (leveling courses – see below and Appendix 1) as appropriate for the specific degree program at Old Dominion University. These courses have been selected to provide a useful introduction to engineering while fulfilling the 128-credit-hour requirement for the VWU degree.
  5. The student is required to follow ODU policies, procedures, and deadlines while enrolled at Old Dominion University, just as a native student would.
  6. During their final year at VWU, students should apply to Old Dominion University for degree-seeking graduate student status prior to the posted application deadlines. The final official Virginia Wesleyan University transcript showing degree conferral must be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions at Old Dominion University. The application fee will be waived for participants.
  7. The student whose application for graduate status has been received by the posted deadline, and whose cumulative grade point average for all course work leading to the Bachelor’s degree is at least 3.0, will be admitted into the Old Dominion University graduate program in Engineering (Master of Science or Master of Engineering).

VWU Requirements for Participation in the Pre-Engineering Program with ODU.

  1. The student's VWU GPA must be at least 3.0overall and must also average at least 3.0 in mathematics and physics courses to be eligible for the program. 
  2. The student will have successfully completed the following courses at VWU before taking engineering courses at ODU.

    Required General Studies Course
    ENG 105  College Writing

    Engineering-specific Prerequisites
    MATH 172  Calculus II (and prerequisites)
    MATH 273  Multivariable Calculus
    MATH 274  Differential Equations
    CS 112  Computer Programming I (Java and C++)
    OR CS 150 from ODU may be substituted via cross-registration
    CHEM 120  Introductory Chemistry
    CHEM 200  Inorganic Chemistry
    PHYS 221  University Physics I
    PHYS 222  University Physics II

    Certain engineering programs may have additional prerequisite courses.  See Appendix 1 for details.

  3. The student should declare Pre-Engineering and add the Pre-Engineering advisor through the Registrar's Office in the spring semester of the first year at Virginia Wesleyan.
  4. Careful planning is absolutely necessary in order to complete the requirements within 5 years. The student should meet with the Virginia Wesleyan Pre-Engineering advisor each semester.
  5. This program is not available to transfer students.
  6. The Virginia Wesleyan Four-year Guarantee does not apply to courses at Old Dominion University.