Jane P. Batten & David R. Black School for International Studies

Lakeland University President Beth Borgen, Dr. David Black, Jane Batten, and VWU President Scott D. Miller

The Jane P. Batten and David R. Black School for International Studies is based at Virginia Wesleyan University and Lakeland University’s (WI) collaborative campus in Tokyo, Japan. Through a concurrent enrollment agreement between the two universities, students at the Batten & Black School can access unique opportunities across all three campuses.

The School enrolls students committed to making a positive impact in a global economy fraught with geopolitical tensions, climate degradation, and rapid technological advancements. The Batten & Black School embodies the esteemed values of civility and teamwork, reflecting the collaborative spirit at its foundation.

The mission of the Jane P. Batten and David R. Black School for International Studies is to graduate students with bicultural and bilingual communication skills who will add value to international businesses and organizations and influence global society as stewards of the environment.

Students can pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from the campus in Japan or venture to the United States for a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Wesleyan University on the East Coast or from Lakeland University in the Midwest. This global educational journey is further enhanced by internship opportunities at the parent campuses in Wisconsin and Virginia, bridging academic theory and professional practice.

The Batten & Black School is committed to practical, real-world experience, allowing most students to complete short-term studies in the U.S. at no additional tuition cost. This immersive experience is enriched by a diverse faculty and student body from around the globe, creating a dynamic learning environment. Those who meet the requirements will earn the transcript designation of Batten & Black School of International Studies Fellow.