Regent University School of Law

Eastern Virginia Medical School

This cooperative arrangement offers students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Wesleyan University and a J.D. from Regent University School of Law in six years. Students who begin at VWU as freshmen and have completed 98 credit hours of coursework required for a bachelor’s degree from VWU will, upon application, be considered for admission to Regent’s J.D. Program.

For students accepted to Regent’s J.D. Program under the agreement, VWU will accept transfer credit hours taken in pursuit of the J.D. at Regent.  The rule that students must take the last 32 hours of their degree at VWU will be waived. Students will be held to all other requirements for a VWU degree, to include general studies requirements and major requirements before beginning classes at Regent. The first year of J.D. studies at Regent (30 credit hours), once transferred back to VWU, will complete the 128 credit hours necessary for the VWU undergraduate degree. Students must make a 2.0 or better in each Regent course for VWU to accept the Regent credit as transfer credit.

Admission requirements for the J.D. Program may be found at

For more information about the cooperative arrangement with Regent University J.D. Program, contact VWU Advisor Dr. William Gibson, Professor of Political Science (