Joint Program in Medicine with Eastern Virginia Medical School

Program description

Through the creation of the joint program in medicine, talented, qualified students at Virginia Wesleyan University may apply for admission to Eastern Virginia Medical School during the fall semester of the sophomore year.  Individuals selected for admission into this program are expected to complete a challenging academic program at VWU and to obtain substantive exposure to the field of medicine as an undergraduate.  Upon completion of a 4-year bachelor's degree at VWU, students in this program are guaranteed admission in the Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Requirements for Admission

  • Admitted to VWU as a first-year student (transfers are ineligible);
  • Sophomore in good standing at VWU;
  • Cumulative overall and cumulative science GPA from VWU of 3.5 or higher at the time of application.
  • Students selected for the Bachelors-MD program are also required to take the MCAT and attain a minimum combined score at or above 503 (61st percentile) for admission to EVMS.

Maintaining Eligibility

The guarantee of a position at EVMS is also contingent upon continued eligibility in this Program.

Program Students must:

  • Maintain an overall and science GPA of not less than 3.5; and
  • Receive satisfactory reviews from their Advisor at VWU, and
  • Participate in seminars, classes, and medical or/and research experiences associated with the program.

Program Students must take and pass the following VWU courses required by EVMS at the time of application:

  • 1 year of biology (BIO 132, 200)
  • 2 years of chemistry, including organic chemistry (CHEM 120, 200 or 210, 221, 222), and
  • 1 year of physics (PHYS 221, 222).

Program students must take the following courses AFTER acceptance into the program, preferably during their junior year, prior to taking the MCAT, but in all instances prior to matriculation:

  • Biochemistry (CHEM 330)
  • Psychology (PSY 101 or 102)
  • Sociology (SOC 100 or 351)

Program students must also complete a minimum of 25 hours of physician observation/clinical exposure and 50 hours of volunteering/community service AFTER acceptance to the Program. This must be in addition to experiences listed on students' Program application. Students should submit a record of these activities to the Associate Dean of Admissions and Enrollment.

All requirements for an undergraduate degree from VWU must be met before matriculation at EVMS.

A Program Student will apply to EVMS by completing his AMCAS application "on line" as a "Special Program Applicant." In addition, EVMS requires completion of a secondary application, but waives the secondary fees for Program Students.

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