Major Requirements

The major in communication requires the study of core knowledge and skills running across communication fields while also allowing students a degree of specialization through individualized selection of nearly half of the major's required courses. Typically, students tend to focus on one of three primary areas: journalism, film and media study (including both scholarly and production courses), and business-oriented communication such as advertising and public relations.

Major: Comprehensive Liberal Studies - Curricular Emphasis (BA)

Course Number And Title

Sem. Hrs.

ENG 222: Teaching Grammar & Writing 4
ENG 317: Children's Literature 4
COMM 222: Public Speaking 4
One of the following:
ARTH 341: American Art
ARTH 351: 19th Century Art History 4
CLAS 360: Classical Virginia
300/400-level History course (H designation)
GEOG 111: Physical Geography 4
HIST 243: World History to A.D. 1600 4
HIST 247: History of the United States 4
POLS 335: American Government 4
MBE 100: Introduction to Economics 4
PHSC 100: Introduction to Physical Science 4
BIO 100: World of Biology 4
One of the following:
EES 130: Physical Geology without Laboratory
EES 131: Physical Geology with Laboratory
EES 132: Environmental Geology without Laboratory
EES 133: Environmental Geology with Laboratory
MATH 325: Theory of Elementary Mathematics 4
MATH 326: Theory of Elem Mathematics II 4
Total 56