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WilliamJ. McConnell

William J. McConnell

Associate Professor of Education
Director of Education Programs

Degrees Held

Ph.D., Old Dominion University
M.Ed., Old Dominion University
B.S., Old Dominion University

Office Location: 104 Pruden Hall, Bray Village
Phone: 757-455-3403
- Education

Dr. Bill McConnell received a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Old Dominion University with a concentration in environmental science education. During his 20 years teaching in the public schools, he was awarded Teacher of the Year at two schools and received the overall Chesapeake City Teacher of the Year award in 2009. While at Virginia Wesleyan he has been honored with the Samuel Nelson Gray Distinguished Teaching award and received the Virginia Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Inspirational Educator Award in both 2018 and 2019. Since arriving at VWU, Dr. McConnell has served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on six grant funded projects totaling over $100,000. Some of the collaborative and innovative programs he has led at VWU include the Downstream Collaborative Project, Environmental Explorers, and the Virginia Wesleyan Environmental Institute; the latter receiving national recognition through the 2020 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award. His research interests span the teaching and learning of STEM in varied contexts. He presents and publishes his work through regional, national, and international venues and is an active member of several professional organizations. Select publications and presentations are provided below.

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