Summer Session Courses

ART 205 Drawing I
Course Description: Acquaints students with the basic concept of drawing with various media, including pencil, charcoal, chalk, and pen and ink. Experiences in skill-building exercises are emphasized, as well as their practical application.
Course Credits: 4
Course Instructor: Rudel

CJ 250 LGBT and Crime (Topics)
Course Credits: 4
Course Instructor: Carrillo

COMM 250 Introductory Filmmaking
Course Description: Introduces students to the techniques and traditions of fictional narrative filmmaking. Emphasis is placed on principles of visual storytelling and conventions of continuity and composition, videography, lighting, editing, and production management. Students also learn the fundamentals of screenwriting.
Course Credits: 4
Course Instructor: Minnis

HE 201.01 Safety and First Aid
Course Description: Provides the general public with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet and handle most emergency situations when first-aid care is needed. Incorporates personal safety and accident prevention information and acquaints students with the many causes of accidents so care can be taken to eliminate or minimize such causes.
Course Credits: 4
Course Instructor: Harrell

HIST 101.01 US Since 1979 (Topics)
Course Description: This topics course is an introduction to the study of United States history. While taking a focus on a particular topic or era during each semester, the course gives special attention to the doing of history through introduction to the materials and methods of historical inquiry.
Course Credits: 4
Course Instructor: Margolies

POLS 202.01 Politics and Film (Topics)
Course Description: A use of film to explore basic concepts within political science. Topics include war and peace, democratic governance, and social justice.
Course Credits: 4
Course Instructor: Schwennicke