Crime Statistics

"The University annually reports all campus criminal activity to both the public, generally, and the US Department of Education, specifically. As described in the Campus Security brochure, Safe and Secure, this reporting is required by a federal law commonly known as the Clery Act. The law provides a protocol defining and limiting the area for which crime statistics must be reported, with the goal that all University campuses will report statistics consistently.

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive statistics possible, the University in 2004 reported crime statistics which included considerable public and private property surrounding the campus. The Department of Education, in reviewing these statistics, found that our report exceeded the geographic requirements of the Clery Act. As a result, and because of the Department of Education's specific request, the University has revised its statistics to reflect criminal activity for the campus itself and a more limited public area immediately surrounding the campus. This scope of reporting brings the University crime statistics into conformity with the more limited Department of Education protocol.

The University wishes to provide students and potential students with the most comprehensive crime reporting data possible. To this end, the University will continue to include on its website a link to the Virginia Beach Police Department's crime statistics for the City. The University hopes that its reports of both Clery Act-required statistics and the local law enforcement statistics will allow students and prospective students to make the most informed decisions about their own security while on and off campus. The University also will continue to maintain its Campus Security Office crime log statistics in accordance with the Clery Act and in tandem with our revised protocol effective January 1, 2005. Finally, the University reminds all students that Campus Security and Residence Life professionals are available twenty-four hours a day to address questions about safety, generally, and about the crime statistics reported in the Safe and Secure brochure, specifically."

Information Gathering Protocol

The Director of Campus Security is designated as the data gathering coordinator for the annual Campus Security Report (CSR). The Campus Security Office collects data from the following campus resources: Residence Life, Sexual Assault Protocol Coordinator, Community Arbitration Board, and Senior Vice President.

Information required under section 485 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 is administered through an internet web system that can be accessed only by designated staff with assigned user ID and password.

Data compiled from monthly reports from Campus Security and Residence Life is included. An electronic copy of the CSR is available through the University's Campus Security internet web site.


Statistics are collected monthly from Campus Security and Residence Life Offices incident reports, Community Arbitration Board findings, and the Student Affiars Office. These statistics are compiled as to category and entered into the security databases for inclusion in the monthly report, crime log, and annual Campus Security Report. Off-campus statistics that occur within the adjacent area of the University are available from the City of Virginia Beach internet web site.

Campus Advisories

The purpose of a timely advisory is to alert the campus community to the occurrence of a crime in a manner that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes. The trigger for a timely advisory is a determination by the institution that the report6ed crime is considered to pose a threat to other students and employees. Advisories are distributed by postings in campus facilities and through email to faculty, staff and students.

Campus Crime Log

All crimes reported to the Campus Security Office as having occurred in any geographic area covered by the annual CSR shall be made available in the Campus Security Office for public inspection upon request during normal working hours.