Message From the Director

Jerry Mance

The Office of Campus Security at Virginia Wesleyan University is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our goal is to maintain a secure environment for the campus community and to provide quality customer service to all those we serve.

My philosophy is simple, and I tell my officers quite frequently – be vigilant, be aware and always know your surroundings. With that objective in mind, we encourage active participation from the Virginia Wesleyan community to maintain a safe campus environment in which individuals may live, learn and work. We ask that suspicious persons/activity on campus, or safety concerns be reported immediately to Campus Security. To us, no question or concern is too small.

Having more than four decades of experience in security, safety, leadership and management fields, I understand the importance of ensuring the safety of all those who live, work and learn on the campus of Virginia Wesleyan University. I look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality of safety and customer service to the community members of Virginia Wesleyan. My door is always open, and anyone may contact me directly by calling 757.455.3351 or e-mailing

Victor Dorsey,

Director of Campus Security
Virginia Wesleyan University