Tuition & Fees 2024-2025

The value of a VWU Education

Don't let our full tuition amount scare you! VWU is an affordable option and offers financial aid in many forms. In addition to merit scholarships, grants, federal and state aid, more than 450 students hold a job on campus to help make their education more affordable. Read more about our extensive Work & Learn Program.

Day Students1

Full time (12-18 credit hours)

Full time (12-18 credit hours) $36,550/year
Overload (more than 18 credit hours) $1,525/credit hour

Evening and Weekend Students

Evening and Weekend Classes $399/credit hour

Active Duty Military

Evening and Weekend Classes $250/credit hour

Students must be participating in the Evening & Weekend or Online Undergraduate programs, who is using Military Tuition Assistance or is Active Duty (not using their GI Bill). 

View additional military benefits.

Day and Evening/Weekend Summer programs

Summer classes $399/credit hour
Summer housing $125/week

Online Programs

Undergraduate Degree Program $399/credit hour
Graduate Programs $499/credit hour
Online Technology Fee $29/per course

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (High School Students) $275/course


Day students (for credit) $1,500/credit hour
Evening and Weekend students (for credit) $399/credit hour
Other students (non-credit)2 $50/credit hour

January Term 3

Day students in both fall and spring semesters $762
Evening and Weekend students $399/credit hour
January Term Housing $530

Miscellaneous Annual Fees

Housing Damage Deposit (Residents Only) $150
Car Decal $150/vehicle
Student Activity Fee (Day students Only) $250
Technology Fee (Day students Only) $700
Late Fee $100/semester
Student Health Insurance (Optional) $2,879 annually

Virginia Wesleyan University's Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust tuition, room and board, fees, and expenses.

Students pay on a per-semester/session basis.

1Full-time Day students enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours per semester will be charged the full time rate per semester. Day students enrolled in more than 18 hours at the conclusion of the add/drop period of either semester are considered in overload and will be charged $1,525 for each credit hour over 18. Students granted permission to take less than 12 credit hours in a given semester will be charged $1,525.00 per credit hour. Students can take between 1 to 4 credits for service courses per semester which do not apply towards the maximum credit hour calculation.
2Other students auditing a class for non-credit are charged $50 per credit hour. Students age 65 and over are charged $50 per course.
3All incoming first-year students are required to attend the January Term. Students will be charged the non-refundable January Term fee during their incoming semester.

Additional Information

Note: The charges listed above are the average cost of attendance at Virginia Wesleyan University. For a complete list of charges, please visit MyBeacon.

If payments are not received by the due date, the University may cancel the student's registration and housing assignment.

Students with account balances and/or financial holds will not be permitted to register for future terms, nor will the University release transcripts or diplomas. If a student balance becomes past due and is sent to a collection agency, the student is responsible for all collection agency fees, attorney fees, court costs and other costs necessary for the collection of the balance.

Additional information on University policies and procedures is available in our catalog.