MAEd Course Offerings and Requirements

Course Number/Title 

Credit Hours 

EDUC 510: Current Issues in Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment  3
EDUC 511: Practicum in Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment 
EDUC 540: Classroom & Behavior Management 
EDUC 530: Cognition and Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC 535: Characteristics of and Adaptations for Exceptional Student Populations 
Complete required non-credit module in Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Intervention Training for Virginia Licensure
Complete required non-credit module on Behavior Intervention and Support Training in EDUC 540 for Virginia Licensure
EDUC 610: Methods, Media, & Materials for Secondary Education* 
EDUC 611: Internship in Secondary Education  1
EDUC 520: Foundations of the Teaching Profession 
EDUC 550: Content Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 3
Complete required non-credit module on Dyslexia Awareness Training in EDUC 550 for Virginia Licensure
EDUC 620: Research Methods in Education  3
EDUC 621: Collaboration with Families, Communities, & School Personnel (offered during January Term)
*Secondary History and Social Sciences candidates complete required non-credit State and Local Government Module for Licensure 
Emergency First Aid, CPR, & AED Certification or Training must be completed before registering for final Spring Semester.
Praxis™ Subject Area Assessment must be passed by October 15 of the fall semester before registering for final Spring Semester
EDUC 625: Creating a Culture of Evidence-based Learning 
EDUC 690: Internship in Supervised Teaching 
EDUC 691: Internship Seminar