MAEd Program Gateways

The graduate-level education program at VWU allows aspiring teachers interested in one of in 13 different endorsement areas (Table 1) to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in only five years. Undergraduate students interested in entering the MAEd program should complete an application as soon as possible or contact education department staff or faculty. During the completion of their undergraduate content-focused degree, aspiring MAEd candidates will need to secure an education advisor by their sophomore or junior year to make sure they are completing specific courses and MAEd admission requirements to provide a seamless transition into the 5th-year graduate program. Graduate teaching candidates will encounter three important gateways during their academic journey. Each gateway is specially designed to ensure all candidates are well-prepared, highly-qualified, and ready to enter the teaching profession upon program completion.

Graduate Education Program (MAEd) Endorsement Areas

Gateway 1: Program Admission

After graduating with their bachelor’s degree in a content area matching the endorsement area in which they would like to teach, aspiring teachers must apply and successfully complete all requirements for program admission (Table 1). Students should keep track of all required materials. 

MAEd Program admission requirements.

Graduate Education Program Admission Requirements

Suggested Timeframe to Complete Requirements

Complete and submit online MAEd Program Application.

A student thinking about becoming a teacher should begin the application process as soon as possible.

Submit Passing Scores on VCLA

Take and pass VCLA after taking first college-level English course.

Successfully complete a bachelor’s degree in the endorsement area with the appropriate courses for the MAEd track.

Make sure to seek academic advising from education and content faculty from your sophomore or junior year until graduation.

Achieve ​an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.8 for your bachelor’s degree.

During your undergraduate degree, be aware of your overall GPA at all times and maintain at least a 2.8 GPA.

Gateway 2: Recommendation for Student Teaching

The supervised internship serves as the culminating student-teaching experience for all teaching candidates. During this internship VWU teaching candidates will be responsible for preK-12 student learning. Thus, it is important that VWU faculty are confident that each candidate has the knowledge, skills, and appropriate dispositions to be successful in educating students in an authentic teaching context. Professional education courses with multiple field experiences help to prepare VWU teaching candidates for the supervised internship. Table 2 delineates the specific requirements needed for a teaching candidate to be recommended for the supervised internship. Again, these requirements are explicitly tied to coursework and candidates should keep track of all required materials.

Requirements needed for candidates to be recommended for student teaching.



Requirement Descriptions and/or Suggestions

Maintain ​an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on MAEd coursework.

Candidates should be aware of grades in all coursework and utilize VWU tutoring services when needed.

Achieve ​grades of C or better in ALL Professional​ ​Studies ​Education courses.

Candidates should be aware of grades in all coursework and utilize VWU tutoring services when needed.

Complete ​and pass​ the​ Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Intervention Training module and submit ​a ​certificate​​ of completion.

Complete while enrolled in EDUC 540.

Complete ​and pass​ the ​Virginia State and Local ​Civic Education Module and submit ​a ​ certificate​​ of completion.

Complete while enrolled in EDUC 610 if hoping to teach history/social studies.

Achieving Acceptable ratings on the VWU Dispositional Survey for Educators.

Complete while enrolled in Practicum.

Provide evidence of successful completion of the Dyslexia Awareness Training Module.

Candidates should submit completion certificate to while enrolled in EDUC 550.

Submit Passing Scores on Praxis Subject Assessment.

Passing scores are due to the Education Department by October 30. Students are encouraged to take this test prior to their undergraduate graduation so that knowledge of the content is fresh in their minds.

Submit a negative TB test and a clean Background Clearance Check

Candidates should submit documentation prior to Practicum placement.

Practicum Instructor Grants Consent for Student Teaching

Candidates’ progress to the student teaching experience is contingent on a successful practicum experience. The practicum instructors will notify the Director of Teacher Education and the Seminar Professor of recommendations at the end of the practicum course.

Provide evidence of completion of a certification or training program in emergency first aid, hands-on training for CPR, & use of AED, such as a program developed by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

Usually completed during January term.

Gateway 3: Recommendation for Virginia Teaching Certification

Candidates taking part in the supervised internship (student teaching) will complete an impact study, a teaching portfolio, and their teaching will be observed multiple times by multiple instructional experts. Candidates who successfully complete this internship are considered well-prepared, highly-qualified, and ready to enter the teaching profession. As such, and upon successful review of all elements within the student teaching experience, the VWU Director of Teacher Education will recommend teaching candidates for Virginia Teaching Certification in their particular endorsement area.