Certificate in Advanced and Applied Microscopy

This certificate recognizes students who demonstrate proficiency with multiple forms of advanced modern microscopy and are able to apply their knowledge to investigate natural phenomena. Given the diversity of instrumentation on campus, students will have some flexibility with respect to the equipment that they choose to master, but most will acquire practical experience with scanning electron microscopy, light (or infrared) and fluorescence microscopy.  In general, certificates in microscopy are not common, but most require substantive coursework and the demonstration of competency with specific instruments and essential background information, usually through practical and written examinations. To earn this certificate, students must complete an independent research project that requires the application of at least one form of advanced microscopy.

Course Number And Title

Sem. Hrs.

Complete 8 hours of the following coursework:
BIO 393: Scanning Electron Microscopy
EES 394: Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis
BIO 395: Fluorescence Microscopy
CHEM 396: Infrared Microscopy
BIO 397: Advanced Light Microscopy
BIO 399: Histotechnique

Complete 4 hours of independent research:
BIO 489: Research in the Natural Sciences
CHEM 489: Research in the Natural Sciences
EES 489: Research in the Natural Sciences
Complete proficiency exams for instrumentation used in courses taken to complete the 8 hours of coursework (minimum of 4 exams).  
Complete a comprehensive written exam reflecting the specific coursework taken to complete the 8 hours of coursework. 8
Participate in at least one Careers in Microscopy workshop.  
Total credit hours 20