The Fall 2019 Marlin Prestige Business Conference

Vision and Mission

Vision: Helping students and community members alike to gain an elementary knowledge and expand on their own knowledge of business in creative and entertaining ways.

Mission statement: To provide educational, entertaining, and engaging experiences to show our guests elements of business they may not be aware of or that surprises them.


1) To organize a complete, visually appealing binder that has a minimum of 200 pages and presents a complete layout of the business conference that is organized by department and conference week.

2) To have, at minimum, an attendance of 40 people at each of the Marlin Prestige business conference events.

3) 100% of people follow the code of conduct and no human resource reports are filed.

4) To raise at least $100 for each of the seven fundraisers in raising money for the conference.

5) 100% of people are willing and available (in the appropriate attire) between classes to oversee conference activities with prepared speaking roles. This includes one introduction per event and one conclusion.

6) At minimum, each conference event should have a 95% approval rating on a post-conference survey sent out through email.