Marlin Prestige Business Conference - Marketing Team

Timothy Dias, Finance and Marketing Liaison
Will attend meetings for both the finance and marketing departments, and will record and share information with both departments and is the main point of contact between the CMO and CFO. It will also help with any activities that involve the finance and marketing departments whenever possible.

Veronica Zamora, Manager of Creative Design
In charge of creating posters, flyers, and anything that promotes fundraisers and the conference. Position entails designing outgoing media such as trailers, websites, graphics, and other visuals that support and represent the present, prior, and future conferences Plays a key role in grabbing public attention and giving the conference a visually appealing theme.

Derek Ringer, Market Research Manager
Face-to-face interactions with students and faculty on and off campus will allow this conference team to determine how to get the community involved in campus events by maintaining relationships with people that will be involved in the conference.

Brian Beaume, Manager of Creative Release
This role involves planning the release of announcements and advertisements to best promote events. Will hang flyers and other sources of promotional advertising across campus.

Doug Avery, Social Media Manager
Creates and manages social media accounts as well as manages all social media marketing. Posts flyers, announcements, and information that work towards gaining support for the conference.