Marlin Prestige Business Conference - Operations Team

Austin Sax, Events Coordinator Event Coordinators
Also known as Event Specialists or Event Planners, I am responsible for every aspect of event planning. My main duties include selecting venues, determining the cost, arranging event services and monitoring client approval. Responsibilities Include; managing all event set-up, tear down and follow-up processes, maintain event budgets, booking venues, entertainers, photographers, and schedule speakers. Conduct final inspections on the day of the event to ensure everything adheres to the client's standards, and finally, assess an event's overall success and submit findings.

Liam Hurley, Food and Beverage Coordinator
As the Food & Beverage Coordinator I will ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Food & Beverage Department by ensuring that coordination, administration, communication functions and duties of the department are carried out in a professional, discreet, exact and prompt manner in accordance with school policies.

Josh Wilson, Operations Research Manager
As an Operational Research Manager I use advanced techniques like optimization, statistical analysis, and other forms of research to solve high level problems that we might face. I help the daily operations run as smooth as possible with planning and optimization.

Qi Chen, Technology Officer
Responsible for reserving and supervising any technological services needed for the business conference. Will also provide on-site IT assistance as needed to make sure everything goes smooth and easy.