Alumni Parking Decal Request

Temporary Visitor’s Day Pass

Alumni who occasionally visit the campus are not required to secure an Alumni Parking Decal. Should you wish to gain access to campus, you may obtain a Temporary Visitor’s Day Pass from Security as you arrive on campus at the DeFord Gatehouse to display on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Before you come to campus:

  • Please remove your old student decal.
  • If you’re visiting a current student overnight, please make sure the student has registered you as an overnight guest through Residence Life.

Alumni Parking Decal Request

Alumni who frequent the campus are able to request an Alumni Parking Decal by submitting a request form online. All requests will be reviewed by the Office of Alumni Relations before processing. Parking decals will be mailed to the home address listed on the request form.

Special note:

  • Alumni Parking Decal requests can no longer be made via email, phone or in-person.
  • A request form can only be submitted electronically.
  • Please allow 20-30 days for processing and shipping.
  • Parking decals cannot be held for pick-up.
  • Parking decals are mailed the first business day of month to the address provided on the request form.

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