VWU is looking for alumni and friends that are willing and eager to help support the growth of our alumni events. With having many volunteer options throughout the year, there is no better time than now to show your Marlin pride.

For additional information regarding our volunteer opportunities, please contact alumni@vwu.edu or complete the form below.

*Volunteer Interest (check all that apply)

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The following information about Virginia Wesleyan University Alumni Relations programs, its donors and prospects, shall not be shared with non-employees of the University:

  • Personally identifiable information about faculty, employees, students, parents
  • Information on donors and prospects such as:
    • lists of names, addresses and phone numbers
    • giving interests
    • gift club memberships
    • giving categories and other relevant materials
    • giving history and interests

As a volunteer representing Virginia Wesleyan University, I understand and agree to the following:

  • I am provided with this information in strict confidence to enable me to perform my functions as a volunteer
  • I will not share this information outside of the circle of University Alumni Relations or Advancement employees and volunteers acting on behalf of Virginia Wesleyan University
  • I will ensure the information I receive is kept safe and secure from any unauthorized access, which includes preventing access to my computer files, paper files or other media which contain Virginia Wesleyan University data
  • When my status as a volunteer is inactive, I will destroy all electronic copies and shred all paper copies of the data I have received
ex. 08/08/2020