Jack Wheeler

Jack Wheeler received a B.A. in computer science and business from Virginia Wesleyan in 2000. He was a member of the Marlin Men’s Basketball team. Currently, Jack coaches boys basketball, girls volleyball and softball at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach. Jack has been named Beach District girls volleyball Coach of the Year and is a three-time District softball Coach of the Year. He has led all three teams to district championships and one of them, the girls softball team, to a second-place finish in the state champiohship. Along with coaching, Jack teaches computer science classes at Ocean Lakes and is pursuing his master’s degree.  

How did your time at Virginia Wesleyan University shape the person you are today?

“For me, it was the personal attention that I and every student received. The classes were small, the professors knew you, and you knew your classmates. It made a difference in my college career and allowed me to be successful in balancing academics and athletic activities. That personal attention has made me a better teacher, and I try to do the same for all of my students.”

What are some of your favorite memories of friends, professors, and mentors at VWU?

“I will never forget Dave Garraty, who was not only my academic advisor, but someone I looked up to and considered my mentor. He was always very approachable and helpful. He assisted me with learning how to balance my schoolwork with my athletic demands.  In hindsight, I know that Dr. Tom Fanney ’76, Dr. J. Patrick Lang, and the entire math and business department were pushing me to be successful. Not only do I still appreciate the staff, but the resources that were provided helped me create my first business while still in college. Everyone was accessible. You could knock on anyone’s door and they would try to assist you in any way possible. That is something I value today when I reflect on my time at VWU.”

How are Wesleyan alumni different from other college graduates?

“There is this sense of pride among all of the alumni. The College’s presence is very visible throughout the Hampton Roads area. I am always running into alumni in some of the local grocery stores and recent community events. All of the alumni seem to have a great connection to the area, whether they stayed here or moved away after college. Not to mention how well campus is doing because of President Greer and how he has managed to blend academics and athletics making the alumni proud to call VWU their alma mater.”