Financial Aid for Evening and Weekend Students

Adult Incentive Grant
This grant is automatically built into the tuition rate for all Evening and Weekend students, which results in a tuition discount of nearly 75%. There are no additional tuition charges for out-of-state residents.

Corporate Rate Program
Students who work for employers that offer tuition reimbursement benefits are eligible to receive a 10% tuition reduction. Tuition for each semester must be paid in full at the time of registration for classes by either the student or the employer.

Employer Tuition Deferral (ETD)
Many area employers recognize the benefits of education for their employees and reimburse all or part of their employees' educational expenses. If your employer does so, you may defer any reimbursable tuition until the semester ends, your grades are sent to your employer and reimbursement has been made. You may receive tuition bills during the semester, but your deferment form will release you from paying them until the semester ends.

If you apply for need-based aid (including federal student loans) you must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing of any tuition reimbursement benefit you receive from your employer. That amount is considered part of your financial resources in determining your aid eligibility. If your employee benefit results in an over-award of need-based aid, the Financial Aid Office may be required to reduce your aid dollars and you may have to repay a portion of any financial aid you have already received.

Military Grant
Virginia Wesleyan offers a $149 per credit hour grant to any student participating in the Evening & Weekend or Online Undergraduate programs, who is using Military Tuition Assistance or is Active Duty (not using their GI Bill).  To be eligible for this grant, the student MUST turn in their Tuition Assistance form or copy of their current military orders before the beginning of each semester to VWU’s Certifying Official.

Payment Plans
There are various methods of payment: eCheck, credit cards, and payment plans.  Click here for more information.

Student Loans & Grants
Degree-seeking Evening and Weekend students who are enrolled in six semester hours or more may qualify for additional financial aid through a Stafford Loan or a Pell Grant. In order to be considered for any financial aid, students must first qualify as degree-seeking and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. For more information about current scholarships, grants and loans, visit Virginia Wesleyan's financial aid page.

In addition, the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant provides state assistance to full-time students attending one of Virginia's participating private institutions. To be eligible, a student must take 12 credits or more and must establish a domiciliary residence in Virginia one year prior to the application date. The deadline to apply is July 31.

Other Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources - This is an excellent resource for basic financial aid questions and guidance. - A large and complete source of available scholarships. - Understand your choices with this web-based loan comparison tool.

Take Advantage of Tax Credits

The Lifetime Learning Credit
This tax break allows you to claim a substantial credit each year for post-secondary education or courses that you take to acquire or improve your job skills. A credit is better than a deduction, since it comes right off the tax you would owe rather than deducted from the income on which you are taxed. You will have to meet certain income requirements and other conditions. Rules for those credits and other education-related tax breaks are explained in IRS Publication 970 at

The American Opportunity Tax Credit
If you have not completed two years of post-secondary education, you might be able to take this credit. To do so, you must be working toward an undergraduate degree or other "organized educational credential," and you must be enrolled at least half time for at least part of the year.

Women of Wesleyan Book Loan Fund

This loan fund was established to assist adult students with initial costs at the beginning of each semester. Any student may borrow up to $150 for part-time students and up to $200 for full time students per semester to purchase textbooks and course supplies in the University Store. The student is given the entire semester to repay the interest-free loan. For further information, please contact the Office of Enrollment at 757.455.3263.

Policy Information

In order to ensure that financial aid is processed in time to be available for the upcoming semester:

  • File the online financial aid application form at least four weeks before the Evening and Weekend registration/payment deadline (which is usually the Wednesday before classes begin).
  • Before the University can process your financial aid application, all of your official transcripts must be:
    • requested from all previous institutions,
    • received by Virginia Wesleyan University and
    • evaluated by the Registrar's Office.

After your online financial aid application has been submitted and processed, and all your official transcripts have been received and evaluated by the Registrar's Office, the University will determine your financial aid award, if any, for that semester. Disbursement of financial aid funds will occur several weeks later.

If you delay filing the financial aid application, and your award has not been processed by the registration/payment deadline, you must personally pay the first semester's tuition by the Wednesday prior to the start of classes if you wish to register.