National Board Certification Support Program (CCSC)

For more information on the National Board Certification Support Program, please contact Paris Foreman.

Developed in 2008, the VWU National Board Certification Support Program was one of only 10 college, university, state and school division programs across the country chosen to be a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Comprehensive Candidate Support Center. What began as a program to support National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) candidates in one region of Virginia, has expanded to support NBCT candidates across the nation.

A modified and expanded version of the program was made possible through a partnership between the VWU Teacher Education Program, VWU Global, and the Southeast Virginia National Board Certified Teachers Regional Network (SEVA). Through this unique partnership, online courses were specially designed by and are taught by NBCTs, experienced in candidate support, to align with the current format for certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Why become a National Board Certified Teacher?

  • A decade of research shows that students of NBCTs learn more than students without NBCTs.
  • NBCTs are often provided leadership opportunities in their schools and districts.
  • Many states, including VA, offer impressive financial incentives for the life of a teacher’s National Board Certification. Please visit the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website to find out what incentives your particular state provides.
    • For example, NBCTs in Virginia receive an initial award of $5,000, contingent on available funding and meeting eligibility criteria. After the first year of certification, NBCTs receive $2,500 per year for the life of their certification. Visit the Virginia Department of Education website for more details.

Why choose the VWU National Board Certification Support Program?

  • Affordable Coursework and Financial Support: Courses are structured in a pass/fail, one-credit format ($399 per course), and are offered throughout the year. Many school districts offer financial support for their teachers to pursue and achieve National Board Certification.
  • Unique Expertise of Instructors: The VWU National Board Certification Support Program is designed by highly-successful and specially selected NBCTs who have a unique understanding of the arduous National Board Certification process and are committed to helping others to achieve their goals.
  • Convenient and Practical Coursework: Coursework in this program is online, asynchronous, and can be taken in any order, which means candidates can access learning specific to their needs throughout the year. This allows busy teachers, like you, the flexibility to learn on their packed schedule.

Apply Now
When applying for National Board Support courses, please apply as a non-degree seeking student.

Program Components

This course introduces teachers to the philosophy and processes of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The course serves as an opportunity for teachers to consider strategies to improve their teaching and to positively impact student learning, while determining their interest in seeking certification.  Pass/fail grading. Offered each semester and Summer Session.

PDS-NB3 will be offered during the Summer 2020 Session 5 (July 6- August 21).

Teachers will be guided as they prepare for Component 1, the computer-based assessment where they must demonstrate knowledge of and pedagogical practices for teaching in their content area, across the full age range of their certificate. Offered in spring mini session 1 and summer session 5.

PDS-NB2.1 will be offered during the Spring 2021 Session 2 (March 23- May 12).

Designed to engage teachers in a close examination of Component 2, in which they submit a classroom-based portfolio entry.  This component is comprised of samples of student work and an accompanying written commentary that analyzes instructional choices and demonstrates student growth over time. Offered in fall mini-session 2 and spring mini-session 1.

PDS-NB2.2 will be offered during the Spring 2021 Session 1 (January 25-March 17).

Component 3 is a classroom-based portfolio entry that includes video recordings of your class, showing interactions between the teacher and the students, and a written commentary analyzing and reflecting on these interactions. Participants will unpack the requirements and practice with the technology, as well as, writing the analysis. Offered each fall mini-session.

PDS-NB2.3 will be offered during the Fall 2020 Session 2 (October 21- December 11).

This component requires evidence of the teacher’s impact across professional responsibilities as an educator, including involvement with students, parents, colleagues and community.  Participants will examine the requirements and discuss how each might meet those requirements. Offered each fall mini-session.

PDS-NB2.4 will be offered during the Fall 2020 Session 1 (August 26- October 16).