Athletics Management Council

The purpose of the Athletics Management Council is to place appropriate emphasis on the role of athletics for an NCAA Division III university and to promote the welfare of student-athletes. The Council is charged with strategic oversight of all academic matters related to intercollegiate athletics and all policies that impact student-athlete academic success and welfare. The Council meets monthly or more frequently at the discretion of the President of the University. 

The Council oversees:

  • the academic integrity of Virginia Wesleyan University's intercollegiate athletics programs and its student-athletes;
  • academic-related NCAA and ODAC rule compliance; and
  • student-athlete welfare, particularly concerning academic success and career preparation.

The Council insures that Virginia Wesleyan University policies related are consistent with the academic mission of the University; maintains academic integrity and rules compliance; and promotes student-athlete academic success.

The Council serves in conjunction with the President to assure that the institutional control expected by the NCAA and the Board of Trustees is in place. The Council is tasked with providing advice and counsel to the president and the athletics director to insure academic integrity, academic rules compliance, and student-athlete welfare.

Council Members

Scott D. MillerPresident of the University (Chair)
Andrea Hoover-Erbig, Executive Director for Intercollegiate Athletics
Liz Hudy, Head Women's Basketball Coach/Academic Integration Coordinator
Larry HultgrenProfessor of Philosophy/NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative
Jill Sturts, Assistant Professor of Sport and Recreation Professions/NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative