Parents Council

The Parents Council began as the Parents' Committee in the fall of 1969. It consisted of 12 parents who, as active friends of Virginia Wesleyan, answered the call to assist the University in a variety of capacities. Over the next several decades, the Parents' Committee continued to grow with the University. Now the tradition of involving parents in the life of the University is essential to student success and the future of our institution. Today, theĀ  Parents Council serves as a very important forum for the exchange of information concerning the various activities and programs of the University.

Class of 2023

Peter and Julie Anderson
Cecil and Julie Chatman
Tom and Kris Hall
Alex and Renee Hansen
John and CaroleĀ '88 Heller
Timothy and Wendy Hicks
Dan and Kristen Kasprow


Garret and Valerie Callahan
Walter and Kellye Clarke
Lee and Tanya Corbin
Robert and Camilla Harrod
Michele Hylton
Stephanie Morris
Craig and Vicki Signorelli
Charles and Faye Sterling


Bob and Pam Anderson
Glenn and Mary '86 Canter
Jack and Laura Jackson
Claude and Michelle Reid
Robert ’92 and Amy Scott
Dory and Ann Marie Solomon


Spencer and Debbie Combos
Christopher and Cheryl Coutts
Aris and Jacqueline Delianides
Collin and Kimberli Jones
Daryl and Maria McKneely, Council Co-Chairs
Frank and Astrid Schiller
Jeff and Laurie Stredler