Enrollment Manager

Dr. Miller regularly contributes to the higher education publication Enrollment Manager with longtime consultant and publishing colleague Dr. Marylouise Fennell.

Enrollment Management: The New Normal (June 2021)
Enrollment Growth Strategies for PostPandemic Realities
(March 2021)
Enrollment Innovation During Covid-19 Continued
(December 2020)
Leading Change During Turbulent Times – Steps for Building Dynamic Leadership
(September 2020)
Enrollment Innovation During COVID-19 (July 2020)
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When Celebrating Success is Not Enough: Avoiding Complacency in Enrollment Management (January 2019)
Innovation, Transformation: A Playbook for Success (September/October 2018)
Planning for Growth: Making the Most of a Transitional Period (July 2018)
The Environmental Leader: How Sustainability Offers a Competitive Edge in Enrollment (April 2018)
Presidential Playbook: The Contemporary Transformational Model for Liberal Arts Colleges (January 2018)
Retention 101: Put Students to Work (September 2017)
The Contemporary Enrollment Model for Liberal Arts Colleges (July 2017)
Enrollment Management Leadership Starts at the Top: Setting the Tone for Success (April 2017)
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Enrollment Marketing 101: Positioning Your Website and Printed Publications for Success (March/April 2016)
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Ensuring the Right "Fit" with the Chief Enrollment Officer (October 2015)
Enrollment Growth Strategies for New Realities (July 2015)
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