Parents Council

The Parents Council began as the Parents' Committee in the fall of 1969. It consisted of 12 parents who, as active friends of Virginia Wesleyan, answered the call to assist the University in a variety of capacities. Over the next several decades, the Parents' Committee continued to grow with the University. Now the tradition of involving parents in the life of the University is essential to student success and the future of our institution. Today, theĀ  Parents Council serves as a very important forum for the exchange of information concerning the various activities and programs of the University.

Pamela Abercrombie
Paul and Angelique Anderson
Peter and Julie Anderson
Darren and Kim Bagley
Jim and Amanda Barnes
Mark and Jennifer Bible
Kevin and Kirstin Camiscioli
Keith and Davida Chapman
Cecil and Julie Chatman
Walter and Kellye Clarke
Spencer and Debbie Combos
Chris and Leah Cralle
Andrea Dukes '92
Valentine and Drena Egbo
Mike and Kristen Gaffney
Stewart and Susan Gantt
Eddie and Colleen Gifford, Jr.
Flash and Mickey Gordon
Rob and Kathy Grizzard
Tom and Kris Hall
Andrew and Staci Hammer
Gary and Marybeth Haneline
Alex and Reene Hansen
Bill and Jennifer Haynes

Carole Heller '88
Mark and Kim Houff
Dan and Kristen Kasprow
Paul and Amy Keane
Alex and Gina Lilavois
David and Mijett Long
Joshua and Erin Maillous
Keith McGhee and Leanne Currie-McGhee
David and Cherie Meienschein
Carter and Tracy Oates
Cathy Oates
John and Kimberly Pritchard
Warren and Martha Prosser
Derek and Kari Queen
Franklin and Maureen Raines
Nakika Riley and Yolanda Young-Riley
Joe and Cathy Saunders
Bradley and Amy Smith
Dan and Danielle Smith
Andrew and Karla Spicer
Bill and Christine Stuart
Curtis and Tory Swanson
William Tuthill and Heather Greenfield
Mike and Shelly Warden